Håkan Sjöström

Partner | Lawyer

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Håkan Sjöström joined GOZZO as a partner in November 2013. Håkan has a long experience in Intellectual Property, competition law, marketing law, media and trade secrets. His career started after the law exam at Stockholm City Court where he worked in the section handling IP-cases and after that at The Federation of the Swedish Industry working with matters regarding the approach and handling of IP for Industry, including legislative issues relating to Swedish national law and the European Union.

The next step in the career was as an associate to Örjan Grundén, one of the founding partners of Grundén & Gozzo, later Gozzo Advokater. Since then Håkan has acted as legal counsel specialized in IPR, mainly with litigations, but also in contractual matters as well as strategic analysis and advise within the area of IP.

The legal assignments covers a wide range of Swedish and international clients and different kinds of businesses such as mechanic-, trade-, entertainement- and advertising industries as well as public entities and authorities.

Håkan Sjöström has acted as legal counsel for comprehensive proceedings in all kinds of IP-rights with claims such as interlocutory injunctions, infringements, invalidity and sanctions such as damage, e.g:

  • Trademark litigation regarding the use of Volvo-service for a non-authorized garage; ending in a successful judgement by Supreme Court.
  • The Swedish litigation of the global conflict regarding the 3D trademark for the Philips triangular shaving head;
  • Copyright conflict regarding interruption of films on television for advertising, representing the directors; with a successful judgement by the Swedish Supreme court.
  • Representing inventor taking legal action, regarding patent infringement after cooperation agreement with manufacturer and distributor.
  • Copyright and contractual conflict with damage claim for the use of sound from films, representing Saltkråkan Ltd.
  • 5 Areas of expertise

    • Intellectual Property
    • Marketing/Advertising law
  • 5 Education

    • Lunds University (juris candidate 1977)
  • 5 Experience

    • Gozzo, partner 2013-
    • Lawfirm Glimstedt, partner, 1991-2013
    • Lawfirm Grundén, Göteborg, 1986-1991
    • The Federation of the Swedish Industry, Stockholm, 1980-1986
    • Stockholm City court, 1977-1980
  • 5 Rankings

    • Chambers & Partners since 2008
    • Best Lawyers International 2014-2015
  • 5 Membership

    • Member of the Swedish Bar Association: 1990
    • The Swedish Association for Intellectual Property
    • West Sweden Association for Intellectual Property, VIRK, chairman since 2000
    • Swedish Copyright Society
  • 5 Languages

    • Swedish
    • English
    • German