GOZZO is a business law firm with special expertise in intellectual property law and marketing law. We deal with disputes, contracts and strategic arrangements aiming to establish a commercial position and value for our clients’ business. Our services do not only include assistance in creating, protecting and defending intellectual property rights, but also advising companies how to use and take into consideration such rights in their business and commercial reality.

Our services

Intellectual Property (IP) law

Intellectual Property is increasingly important for businesses, both economically and strategically. IP includes i.a. patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, know-how and trade secrets; not only defending your own rights but also judging claims for rights by competitors or others. IP involves a company’s innovative assets and how these are affected, which is of key importance for a company’s value and position. GOZZO helps you take control over and deal with your intellectual property rights by:

  • assisting in protecting inventions, trademarks, company names, designs, texts, pictures, music, know-how and trade secrets.
  • surveying and analysing the company’s IP and participating in drafting IP strategies.
  • surveying and analysing competitors’ and others’ IP protection and participating in producing a strategy for how such rights are to be taken into consideration and dealt with.
  • drawing up international strategies to protect and benefit from a company’s IP rights.
  • assisting in disputes on infringement and validity/cancellation in civil disputes, relating to all IP rights, such as patents, designs, trade marks and copyright.
  • dealing with applications for trade marks, domain names and designs, and assisting in administrative processes at the Swedish Patent and Registration Office and OHIM.
  • safeguarding and monitoring trade marks and designs.
  • assisting in building up trade marks and branding.
  • producing and evaluating market surveys, for example, regarding trade mark/brand awareness.
  • drafting of contracts such as transfer agreements, licence agreements, and research and development agreements.
  • acting as counsel or arbitrator in conflict resolution by mediation and arbitration.

Pirate copying – counterfeiting

GOZZO Advokater has a unique and strong position in the sphere of counterfeiting and unauthorised copying of products protected by IP rights. Our clients include world leading companies in their sectors. We can offer ongoing monitoring of your rights at the global level, establish strategies to fight counterfeits – both nationally and internationally – such as customs measures and import control, collaboration with police and prosecutors, measures to secure evidence and judicial measures at courts, such as injunctions and damages. We also have extensive international knowledge relating to the fight of counterfeits.

Competition and marketing law

GOZZO’s lawyers have many years of experience in competition and marketing law. We can assist in contractual matters and business transactions involving competition law. As a result of increased investments in advertising and communication, including strategic branding, B2B marketing law is becoming increasingly important.

  • GOZZO can produce analyses and assessments on the compatibility of contracts and other measures with competition legislation, e.g. matters like refusal to supply and abuse of dominant market position.
  • GOZZO can handle cases and proceedings at the Competition Authority and at the Market Court.
  • GOZZO can assist with advice on commercials and advertisements as well as with other commercial communications.
  • GOZZO can make assessments on good marketing practices, including issues relating to unfair competition, prize competitions, trade mark free-riding and misleading copies.


Our media-related services include drafting production agreements, collaboration agreements, agreements for development and licensing of TV formats, assessment of rights-related matters for texts, images and audio-visual works. GOZZO deals with the effects of the Swedish Radio and TV Act, cable and satellite transmissions and web TV. We also have experience of issues relating to freedom of speech and freedom of the press and distinctions in relation to advertising, film agreements, and licensing. We also work with matters concerning games, sport, sponsoring and entertainment, which, among other things, enables us to interpret and apply lottery legislation.

Distribution and licensing

Our work in this sphere generally involves drawing up or examining contracts for protection of intellectual property rights and trade secrets. This may involve dealer agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, commission agreements, licence agreements for technology and know-how, transfer and terms and conditions of delivery.


GOZZO represents clients in court disputes and arbitration proceedings as well as in relation to public authorities. We also undertake assignments as arbitrators or mediators. In the case of disputes in other countries, GOZZO has great knowledge of the procedure involved and a great network of lawyers and can therefore assist clients in finding the way and correctly instruct the foreign attorney.


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